Montana State University
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Montana  State University 

 You may have heard it said that most major state colleges offer essentially the same programs, and that university education is what you make of it. While this may be true in part, it is not true that all state universities offer the same programs. State universities vary in size and in the majors that they offer. Montana  State University in Bozeman , Montana is one of the state colleges that offer many unique opportunities for students and faculty alike. Their many different academic degrees and fields as well as their outstanding athletics and close proximity to Bridger ski area make Montana  State at Bozeman a very unique place to attend and visit.

  Among their many programs, Montana  State University combines eight separate colleges, all of which feature their own set of majors and minors. These eight colleges include the College  of Engineering, College  of Education, Health and Human Development, College Business, College of Agriculture, College of Arts and Architecture, College of Nursing, College of Letters and Science, and University College. The programs offered in each college varies, for example, the College of Business includes majors in accounting, finance, and marketing (to name a few), and the College of Letters and Science offers most of the typical academic majors and minors common to the humanities like social sciences, English, psychology, and biology. Montana State University at Bozeman has many award winning programs, including its College of Nursing, which was the first school in Montana to offer state-subsidized education for the nursing profession, and offers a highly acclaimed master’s degree program for nursing. A detailed list of all the colleges and their respective academic programs is available online through the Montana State University website.  
 Situated as it is, high up in the Rockies, Montana State at Bozeman has a huge following for its winter sports, like Alpine and Nordic Skiing. Yet Montana State University is not just known for its winter sports. The Bobcat athletics at Montana State include the men’s sports of Basketball, Tennis, Track and Field, Skiing, Football, and Cross Country, and the Women’s Sports of Basketball, Golf, Volleyball, Track and Field, Tennis, Skiing, and Cross Country. Many of those who participate in sports at Montana State are not only great athletes, but great students as well. Several of the Montana State University skiers have won top academic awards, including Mandy Bowden, who recently won the ESPN All-Academic honors.
  Besides the mountains, the athletics, and the academics, Montana State, Bozeman, offers a wonderful variety of cultural community events and locations. One of the best known is the Museum of the Rockies, which is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary this year (2007). Recent exhibits at the Museum of the Rockies, located at Montana State University, include an amazing demonstration of artifacts and treasures reproduced to be exactly like those recovered from the tomb of Tutankhamen, an interesting and informative dinosaur exhibit, and a display of fossils from Montana which scientists believe to have once belonged to an ancient sea creature!
  At Montana State University in Bozeman, students are encouraged to explore their environment and connect with other cultures. Many international programs are offered including accepting incoming students from around the world and sending students out from Bozeman to study and do research abroad. Many students opt to take a semester or year abroad during their second or third year, and immerse themselves in a foreign language and culture. Summer programs are also offered, as well as internships and work abroad programs. For more information about the International programs at Montana State University, visit the website of the Office of International Programs at Montana State University, Bozeman.





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